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What is the history of Orgone?


The History and Benefits of Orgone: Discover the Orgone Sleep Pod at Live 5D Health in Boyle, Ireland.

In the realm of holistic health and energy healing, the concept of orgone energy has intrigued and fascinated many for decades. From its controversial beginnings to its modern applications, orgone energy continues to inspire those seeking balance, harmony, and well-being. At Live 5D Health, we harness the power of this remarkable energy with our Orgone Sleep Pod, designed to enhance your sleep and overall wellness. Let’s explore the history of orgone energy and how our Orgone Sleep Pod can transform your nightly rest.

The Origins of Orgone Energy

Orgone energy, a term coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s, refers to a universal life force or cosmic energy that permeates all living things. Reich, an Austrian psychoanalyst and scientist, believed that this energy was a fundamental element of life, influencing physical, mental, and emotional health.

Reich’s research into orgone energy led him to develop various devices designed to accumulate and harness this energy for therapeutic purposes. His most famous invention, the orgone accumulator, was a box-like structure composed of alternating layers of organic and inorganic materials. Reich claimed that by sitting inside the accumulator, individuals could absorb orgone energy, which would help alleviate various ailments and improve overall well-being.

Controversy and Legacy

Despite the potential benefits Reich attributed to orgone energy, his work was met with skepticism and controversy. In the 1950s, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) challenged Reich’s claims, leading to a court injunction against the distribution of orgone-related materials. Reich was eventually imprisoned, and much of his work was destroyed.

However, Reich’s legacy endured. Researchers and practitioners continued to explore the concept of orgone energy, leading to the development of various orgone-based products and devices. Today, orgone energy is widely embraced by the holistic health community, and its applications continue to evolve.

Modern Applications of Orgone Energy

In contemporary holistic health practices, orgone energy is used to promote balance and harmony in both the body and the environment. Orgone devices, often referred to as orgonite, are made from a combination of organic materials (such as resin) and inorganic materials (such as metal shavings and crystals). These devices are believed to convert negative energy into positive energy, benefiting both physical and emotional health.

Introducing the Orgone Sleep Pod at Live 5D Health

At Live 5D Health we are dedicated to bringing the transformative power of orgone energy to our customers. Our Orgone Sleep Pod is a revolutionary product handmade in Morocco to enhance your sleep and promote overall well-being. Crafted with the principles of orgone energy in mind, the Orgone Sleep Pod offers a range of benefits:

1. Improved Sleep Quality

The Orgone Sleep Pod helps create a harmonious and balanced sleeping environment, reducing the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and other negative energies. Users often report deeper, more restful sleep and fewer disturbances throughout the night.

2. Enhanced Relaxation

By promoting a state of relaxation and tranquility, the Orgone Sleep Pod can help reduce stress and anxiety. This calming effect makes it easier to unwind and fall asleep, contributing to a more rejuvenating rest.

3. Balanced Energy

The Orgone Sleep Pod works to balance and harmonize your body’s energy fields, supporting overall health and well-being. Regular use can help you feel more energized and refreshed during the day.

4. Support for Physical and Emotional Health

Orgone energy is believed to support the body’s natural healing processes, benefiting both physical and emotional health. The Orgone Sleep Pod can be a valuable tool in your holistic wellness routine, helping to promote balance and vitality.

Why Choose the Orgone Sleep Pod from Live 5D Health?

Our Orgone Sleep Pod is meticulously hand crafted in Morocco using high-quality materials and a deep understanding of orgone energy principles. At Live 5D Health we are committed to providing products that enhance your well-being and support your journey toward a healthier, more balanced life.


The history of orgone energy is a testament to the enduring quest for understanding and harnessing the forces that influence our health and well-being. From Wilhelm Reich’s pioneering research to the modern applications of orgonite, orgone energy continues to captivate and benefit those who seek holistic health solutions.

Experience the power of orgone energy for yourself with the Orgone Sleep Pod from Live 5D Health, Enhance your sleep, reduce stress, and promote overall wellness with this innovative product. Visit our centre in Boyle, County Roscommon today to learn more and take the first step toward a more balanced and harmonious life.

Discover the magic of orgone energy with the Orgone Sleep Pod at Live 5D Health ~ where holistic health meets modern innovation.

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