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Live5DHealth brings state-of-the-art oxygen chambers to Boyle, County Roscommon to help people to benefit from the incredible healing power of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and other complementary services, including: red light therapy, Brown's gas therapy, quantum healing, and UV light therapy.

We also offer a wide range of unique and powerful supplements and devices to accelerate your healing, recovery, performance and wellness. Live5DHealth exists to help your body heal itself faster and more effectively with the most advanced collection of equipment and knowledge in Ireland.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Live5DHealth brings state-of-the-art Oxygen Chambers to Boyle, County Roscommon, to help everyone in the surrounding area benefit from the incredible healing power of oxygen-under pressure (HBOT).

We also offer a wide range of complementary services such as Red Light Therapy, Browns Gas Therapy, Quantum Healing, UV Light Therapy, and a wide range of unique and powerful supplements and devices to accelerate your healing, recovery, performance and wellness.

We are all about helping YOUR body heal itself faster and more effectively with the most advanced collection of equipment and knowledge in Ireland.

Red Light Therapy

From June 2024, we are offering treatments in the world’s most advanced Red Light Therapy beds. Red light therapy is used for weight loss, skin health, body contouring, mood, brain health, hair regrowth, and pain management.

Red light therapy works by sending frequencies into the part of your cells called mitochondria, sometimes called the “power generators” of your cells, soak it up and make more energy. This helps cells repair themselves and become healthier.

Treatments take just 12 minutes per session.

Brown's Gas Therapy

(Text copied) As the inhalation of molecular hydrogen gains popularity for its purported benefits, many are researching this emerging application of hydrogen gas. In this research, the term “Brown’s gas” is used synonymously with hydrogen gas, however, while similar, they are not the same. So what exactly is Brown’s gas, and how does it relate to hydrogen?

Simply put, Brown’s gas is a vapor made up of two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen. You may think that’s the same formula as water, but the devil is in the details. Technically speaking, the difference is that the molecules in Brown’s gas remain monatomic (consisting of one atom).

Brown’s gas was named after Yull Brown, a Bulgarian inventor. While looking for an alternative to fossil fuels in the 1970s, Brown found that ordinary distilled water can be separated from its bound, stable state into its elemental building blocks through the use of electrolysis.

Quantum Therapy

(Image and text copied) Quantum healing is both a phrase and evolving field of research that explores how well-being can be influenced by the smallest level of physics. According to quantum healers, the simple act of exhaling can affect everything else in the universe. In essence, everything has a ripple effect.

By guiding you into deeper states of consciousness and using various holistic tools like meditation, Ayurveda, and others, quantum healers can shift energy and support healing by way of mindful intention. With practice and focus, you can even learn to shift your own energy.

Where traditional healing modalities reach the limits of reason and results, quantum healing opens the door to new possibilities. In other words, where traditional, larger measures can only go so far in explaining certain phenomena, quantum mechanics (and therefore quantum healing) seeks to explain other correlations such as the relationship between energy and frequency.

UV Light Therapy

Phototherapy is a form of treatment that uses ultraviolet light to treat skin conditions. Phototherapy can reduce the appearance of psoriasis and eczema symptoms. This form of treatment is safe for all ages and is a common treatment for newborn jaundice.

There are different types of ultraviolet (UV) light, or ultraviolet radiation, that are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. The sun produces UV light that reaches the Earth. UV light helps you produce vitamin D, which is essential to help your body survive. Too much UV exposure can damage your skin.

The UV light used in phototherapy is the same type of light emitted from the sun. Your provider will control the strength of the light and monitor the length of time that your skin will have exposure to UV light to prevent skin damage.

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