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Live5DHealth presents a Free Healing Education Talk on the Power of Breathwork, Liposomal Supplements and Bio Regenerative Release therapy at Daly’s Bar, Boyle, 5pm Sunday 22nd October


Live5DHealth successfully launched their hyperbaric oxygen therapy centre in Boyle in July 2023 with a free evening of health talks, and is following up with a 2nd evening of incredible information free for the local community and beyond.

Located on Bridge Street, Boyle, Live5DHealth is a also the first health clinic in the world to offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy on a donation basis.

As co-founder Gary Kealy says “We didn’t want anyone to miss out on the incredible healing benefits of our oxygen chambers so if money is tight, don’t let that stop you trying us out”.

“Similar therapy in London, Dublin or Galway can cost up to €150 per session but we don’t want anyone to miss out if they genuinely need help.”

“We are also the first clinic in Ireland to provide the incredible Orynoco Wellness Support Unit Healing Pod . This device creates a living energy field which interacts with your own field to create profound and unique-to-you healing benefits. Further details on our blog here: “

Free Healing Education Event

Continuing their mission to bring free healing information to the community, Live5DHealth are running a free live event in Daly’s Bar at 5-8pm on Sunday 22nd October.

Everyone is welcome to this event, where there will be enlightening and fascinating presentations on:

“The Power of Breathwork to Create Homeostasis and Profound Healing” with Ronan O’Brien.

Born the fourth child of Irish Rugby international player and coach Brian O’Brien, Ronan being a promising underage player at 18, broke two vertebrae in his back followed by 20 years chronic pain.

Ronan has spent many years working and learning in the physical health & performance world in able to rehabilitate himself and help others. He has honed and developed his multi-spectrum experiences to align with simple clarity in trinity of what serves us all – Body, Mind & Soul.

Ronan joins us to bring awareness in relation firstly with yourself and the world around you via your nervous system.

How you breathe and the practice of breathwork is the gateway to your nervous system and your nervous system not just influence but dictates your physical and emotional health.

“An Extraordinary Healing Journey and The Power of Liposomal Supplements” by Jacqueline Manzoni.

Dubliner Jaqueline suffered with debilitaing chronic illness after a deep root canal treatment went horribly wrong over a decade ago.

This was the beginning of her own extraordinary healing journey. The blockages caused by her dental work caused havoc with her entire system which led to 21 operations on her mouth and nearly dying but ultimately discovering the true path to natural health which then led to her creating incredible products which are helping 1000s of people heal from all sorts of issues and regain their God-given natural health.

Slapping Your Way To Great Health!

The Live5DHealth team will also be giving a demonstration of an ancient Chinese “slapping” technique, known now as Bio Regenerative Release (BRR) which has been proven to release dead blood cells and nano-particulates from the body which can cause profound healing benefits.

They will also be walking you through a very simple and effective water drinking protocol which has been getting extraordinary results for their clients in improving hydration, blood circulation and all-round health.

Find out More and Book a Session

You can book an initial session with Live5DHealth when you complete a Doctor-screening form at their website:

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